waves vienna 2017


summer holidays coming, at least for students too, to an end and my time as a student (for a start) runs out soon. But there is still one more week to go before I can call myself as an unemployed. Yayy … the system works!! .. (ironic smile)

.. joking aside .. what I never mentioned before and I did through the summer was taking part at a Lemming's batch. Yess!! Maybe you have never heard from the Lemmings before, believe me, you will. hrhrhr… still kidding. At least because I will write something about them, maybe in the next post.

Today I will show you new concert pictures. I visited Waves Vienna (28-30.10). It was so cool. Particularly on Tuesday, I liked the bands very much. I could not go there on Friday, but Saturday was fun too.

Waves Vienna is a music festival and conference for national and international alternative and independent music. It took place at WUK (soo nice), they had a few stages and every band is playing around 45 minutes. So you can make it anytime, even their sound is not yours at all, or you can just skip stages in less than a minute. That's why you can listen to a lot of bands within three days for a very fair price. I think it´s the best chance to discover new music in Vienna through the year.

I listened to ..

THURSDAY - coals / cari cari / cold cold nights / nihils / hunger / zeal & ardor / yungblud /be charlotte

SATURDAY - naked cameo / any other / cut out club / brunettes shoot blondes / milo meskens / bitten by / ider / oscar jerome / kalandra / lulu schmidt / view / jugo ürdens


Find all my pics here and maybe go through the band's youtube channels once in a while. These are all talented musicians existing beneath the mainstream.

have a nice day,