hej guys,

Always free, never free … is what I feel these days ..

Time runs fast and life goes on. As I told you before, I am trying to find out where I will walk on with my life. I am „constantly“ trying to learn in the fields of design, photography and video .. often it’s kinda overwhelming and I have the feeling that nothing goes forward. At the same time, I am thinking about new projects, how my life will go on.

At this point (can change anytime) I wish that I can work in a field where I can produce content. I still really like to take pictures and I am also thrilled to learn how to produce short video clips. I like writing and social media stuff but I am always thinking too much about the „sense“ which any kind of work brings to me. It’s like a disease chasing me my lifetime (I am afraid ...). Besides, secretly I am still feeling too uncomfortable and insecure for any of these job areas (.. but don’t tell them – they will never hire me).

In the last weeks/months, I was searching for an internship or a job. I also tried a qualifying examination for a master degree in Graz but I always failed.

So if you know someone, who knows someone … I would be grateful for your help to receive some working experience.


By the way - why you are here: there are some new pictures from Vi-Sophie I wanted to show you ...


Side note: Maybe I will be going to write more about my thoughts and some other things. Until today I did not want to do it because everything seems to be said and written already. On the other hand, there are also points which speak for more blogging and writing. I also thinking about redesigning my page.

Wait for it! ;)