Hi guys,

after nearly finishing school on Friday (there is one bigger exam left in October) I now trying to figure out where and how I will walk on with my life. More to this in my next Blog.

Today you can find one of my last projects for school on this blog. Only our Diploma project is „still under construction“ – I hope we will make it to the end …

I had to do a plagiarism. We all just learn from what we see and experience in this world. So from my opinion, it’s totally okay to try things someone else tried before. We all know this „thoughts“ from Austin Kleon already.

So I took the famous photographer „Ren Hang“ (poorly my teacher didn´t know him) and tried to copy his picture style. Ren Hang died some months ago, that's why he was in the media lately and I focused more on his work. Some years ago I visited an exhibition from him and felt a bit confused about his work. Today I really appreciate it and I can look at his pictures from another point of view. After all, I maybe grew a bit through my last two years in the Graphischen.


with Vi-Sophie:

Ren Hang: