nova rock

hi hi ..

another crazy week went by. After my last days (nearly) in school, I took part at the "Pioneers Festival" as a volunteer. The tech world is one of that amazing worlds kinda existing side by side to a lot of others. 

Take a look - it's really cool - Pioneers


After this big event, I went to the next and dipped into another crazy world. I was in Nickelsdorf at the Nova Rock. This time I wasn't there to take pictures, instead, I had to manage social media (instagram and twitter) for "Wienkonzert". Nevertheless, I brought a few pictures to get you some impressions of this crazy place (with smartphone and camera). It was another exciting experience and I could write a lot about it. 

After three days of sleeping, washing, and thinking about human behavior, I can say know, that I feel back in life.. (slightly over-pointed)


gr, michi


PS: if you interested in music you should visit The whole thing is made up by one hard working woman. It was a pleasure to get to know her better in the last days.