lemmings io

Time runs too fast. Getting crazy!!

What I wanna talk about today is … the Lemmings IO.      What?       Yess!!!

The Lemmings are a little family I was allowed to join through the summer. I did not dive in too deep until now because I have to learn at least one of their languages at first - but maybe time will bring closer friendships and more opportunities to grow through managing my communication skills in every sector.

The Lemmings.io describing themselves as an „Incubator focused on Art and Artificial Intelligence“.

Not knowing more now? - as I had when I applied in June for their summer batch 2017. A friend of mine just told me „go there, it will be fun“. And It was, even I felt a little bit „stupid“ or maybe in another world from time to time.

Stepping out of my comfort zone and not just criticising or questioning everything all the time AND DOING MORE THAN JUST TALKING ABOUT, are some of this thing I „should“ improve. For sure we never know for what it´s good and what we can take out from it. On the other hand, especially in Vienna where you have a lot of possibilities to do something, it´s hard to filter and decide where you can really help, getting something out or finding real friends. What´s your time worth is the question … but I am drifting away.

So I was proud to get chosen and becoming a part oft he Lemmings family. We met some weekends in the summer to do "crazy" computer stuff, design thinking, visiting art exhibitions and had an interaction design workshops. There are really cool and nice people organizers as participants from very different fields in life. But not wanna tell you too much about it - something mystical should stay - and I just wanna tell you: „Go there, it will be fun“.

What I can take from the batch is an idea about interaction design, design thinking and some about chatbots. Maybe I will create a little bot for my side too (Watch out for it!).

Don´t know yet if I will go through it but I would love to step more into the fields of tech because of the batch, even everything seems to be so far away and overwhelming …

Interaction design course at the Angewandte (through Lemmings):

We prototyped a radio for blind people, allowing them to make music through touching different materials … the further idea is to combine materials with sound or music. Maybe you can scan your coffee-bug once to make music.

We just had some hours to generate this idea and create a prototype … so – don´t blame us 😉

The whole sense all about (I think) is to connect with other minds and create something together. Learn to open yourself and your thoughts to solve today's problems - design thinking and living a creative life to find more purpose in life - over it all.

Check out the Lemmings.io and maybe become a part of it too.

Check out the organizers and their work.

Check out some bots and think about their future.

Take part at the next hackathon! ;)


Ps: All of this people are working on a volunteer basis. It‘s totally amazing!!

Yours, m