July 2018


this is a short one.

I wanted to cancel this page and (maybe) build up something new, because „Squarespace“ is too expansive. But it’s not possible until the end of the year, that’s why I write to you today. Neither nor I really do like Squarespace and I would recommend it.

In the last months, I finished two internships, met nice people at refugees{code} (to learn some basic coding skills) and learned some really interesting things at the first „Lehrredaktion“ organized by 2seitig and run by Paulina Parvanov. It was one of the best-guided courses I ever had. Amazing Paulina! Here you can find my interview which I created at the end of the course.

I thought more about internships and how they work in Austria. It’s still a little unfair issue I think. I can’t see such a significant difference to a normal worker. Either way, they just take you if you have the skills they need. To start a new job finally everyone needs some introduction and after that, you are a worker like everyone else. So I don‘t get it and for me, in our culture and society, it’s just a disapproval. They don’t even value your time. (There are always exceptions!)

Okay, at the end it’s not that dramatical and we all will survive … and so on … just saying it.

The second issue (beneath 100ds of real life-changing ones) is that I questioning social media more and more. When I think about becoming a freelancer once, I should get used to it, but I am afraid I will not (like that blogging stuff … ) ...

Short one. I told you. Now back to "work". Struggling with the (basics) of JavaScript (already). Oh ooo … new life-changing plans are following ..



I had a little fashion shoot:

Model: Yonas Kislinger, Designerin: Mirjam Ida Kislinger

And I made some Food-Photograpfie for Brotkost:


Hope you like it.

kr, m

.. aja, please don’t report me … because of DSVG and that stuff … :P