as I told you I did some changes on my page. I hope you like it. It's still not exactly what I want (at the moment) but therefore I need to take the time to learn some coding :)

Whats new?

- It still should be more „portfolio-oriented“ than appearing as a „service-oriented“ website and I also want to do a name change soon.

- You can find new pictures I made when I spent some days at home weeks ago. It was my first baby belly shooting with a lovely friend of mine. See what we created here.

- I loaded up a little video we made at school. For sure it was a team-project. But the fact that I want to learn more (still ...) about making films, takes me to show the film in my portfolio. Maybe it will be good for my ongoing application stuff.

- Because I like to attend events I will upload albums on my Flickr account in the future. They should be accessible for everyone.

So good so far. I need to find some sleep now … doubts are getting bigger and bigger in a tired mind.

Have a nice evening.