bread and butter 2017

hi hi,

doubting times make me feel more afraid to write and bring this in "public". Just trying not to think about it ..

.. because IT´S ALL ABOUT THE JOURNEY - isn't it?


(Andrea from wienkonzert)

Flashback to the Bread and Butter event in Berlin:

Bread and Butter 17 was a festival of style and culture organized by Zalando. When I saw the advertising on the Zalando website I thought about combining the event with a visit to Berlin. I liked what I saw on their page, the easy, clean, mainstreaming design speaking to young people, interested in fashion.

So am I. No, not really. I don´t know ... that´s what I would like to think about it with you.

All in all, about Bread and Butter I can say it was a nice event, not that good organized, waisting a bit of my time because we had to stand and wait in some queues … but we passed some funny people, received a t-shirt for free, listened to M.I.A. and Bilderbuch and had a lot of fun as good meals and drinks.

What I missed were more serious talks about fashion and an easier way to see the fashion shows. What I really liked was the talk from Vivienne Westwood, seeing this wonderful and intelligent woman live and listen to her thoughts was nice. Even she did not talk about fashion at all and her message was a little bit strangely hidden in poetry, she acted brilliant and in a funny way. By the way, she wore a shirt with the message „buy less“ written on.

Fashion and mi'chi - because I grew up with two sisters in a more profound way we had to learn sharing clothes. As long as you young you will receive the stuff from your older sister. Besides my Mum was growing up in the 70ties, doing sport and learned to be a taf and strong woman, was trying to follow the trend of not raising her girls in the classic „girly“ way. That´s what feminism was in earlier years, but not really clarifying how the new way should look like. Okay, that story is far more complex – what I want to say is, that we did not care that much about what we were wearing or how my wearing affects other people. Neither nor what I want to wear, and how it will affect myself.

What interests me ... fashion at all is so much. It tells stories like a work of art. About the production, the environment, the culture influenced by the colors, the material and the way of presenting it. It´s fascinating when you really can look inside it. And the other aspect, the more self-reflecting and the one I actually can talk about is the psychological one. As I wrote some lines before … clothes make us feel something, clothes are given us an identity through what we see in them, what they let us feel and how people react to them. Even we don't like it, even we give a shit on them -  because if we do that – they get ignored and if they always get ignored they maybe will lose their role for their wearers. It's a kind of a dark circle. So what if we all would give a shit to clothes, what would last to give as an identity? If we all would wear the same things all the time, would we listen more? We already know that scenario from school outfits or working clothes. It brings a lot of positive aspects but also takes us all our freedom.

What if we wear something inappropriate but nobody would give a shit? Would not it be nice? They could see and take my message, but they should not stamp me into a drawer. But why I would choose this clothes if they would not represent me and if I would not want to be recognized through them.

Making a step to my work as a photographer I always like to take pictures from people .. especially the "special" once. I never asked myself why .. (I will from here on) much more I ask myself if it is okay to take pictures of them. If they wanna be seen or if I instead give them the feeling of being special or different by choosing them as my model although they wanna be seen as totally normal.

What do you think about this dilemma? How can I do it right?

Maybe it is gonna be a bit weird or complex. Or maybe my English fails a bit on this point.

Finally, all I want to say is. Clothes are magic. They let us feel, the let as be someone, and maybe also become part of something. So why I should not like fashion and think about it. Even I still wear my sister's old clothes. Maybe it is what makes me, or maybe they represent who am I.  Maybe this fact is also able to tell you – that I am more than what I wear.

What I learned at Bread and Butter or at least thought about there:

- Buy less

- Or buy more fair traded stuff

- Judge less

- Try more and observe how it affects you

- Try more and observe how you affect it or how you affect the world by wearing it


kiss, m.