something behind but two weeks ago I traveled to Berlin with a friend. Berlin was a big „to do“. People couldn´t believe that I have not been there yet. Some years ago I told everyone that I will once move to Berlin or at least study there for a year because every cool store or organization I found on the internet seems to be from this city. So I went there with big expectations. We started on Thursday in the morning and flew back to Vienna on a Monday evening. Hence we had full four days to explore and take some pictures. We did the normal touri-round and sightseeing, spend some time in Kreuzberg, went to a really nice cafe and for sure we visited the bread and butter fashion event from Zalando (I already mentioned in a former post). But I did not tell you yet that the trip was paid by them .. hehe.


My recommended three places these time (for the few people who have not been there until now) are …

-        East Side Gallery - Everyone knows it already, however for me, it was especially cool because I enjoy the uncensored art of graffiti

-        The RAW-Ground - The place to chill on weekends or go for a drink in one of the lightly up fucked bars there all around the week. Even the place seems to be a little bit creepy, everyone is welcome. Also, visit the climbers in the climbing hall, or take a look in the skate hall you will find there (

-        Klunkerkranich - If everyone wants to open such a nice coffee in Vienna (or maybe in Vorarlberg) with me – I would be totally in and maybe stay my whole week there. Klunkerkranich is a well-hidden coffee/bar located on a shopping center rooftop. You will have fine food, good music and a nice view over Berlin from this place. (

Enjoy my pictures, feel free to leave a comment and look forward to my next post when I will resume the Bread and Butter event more detailed.

greets, m