ars electronica 17 and leica masterclass

hi, a few words and some pictures from the Ars Electronica and the Leica Masterclass I visited in Linz.

First thing – if you have never been there especially as an Eastern-Austrian you should go there at least in the next year.For me, the Ars Electronica was a very inspiring event. It took place at the Posthof building in Linz and I did not know before that so many international tourists are booking flights just to come there. For sure attending a photo class and visiting one of my best friends in Linz revaluated it a lot but I also took my time to really sink into the technical stuff. And even if I did not get anything at least you get the message what it is in general and you think for your self „shit, that´s possible already too“

… yeah, and then there are a lot of motivated, intelligent people roaming around and absorbing what they see. Very nice persons trying to explain you their fantastic products and you just feel a little pitty and wish you could change brains for a moment.

The symbiosis from tech and art makes this two unknown fields into a more crazy one. Leastwise I enjoyed the nice looking results of the projects and took some photos. Apropos, if someone has an old (or newer) Leica at home which he/she did not use anymore .. I for sure would take it.

To get to know Martin Dörsch was a pleasure and four days shooting with the Leica SL made me stronger than ever ;)

have a nice sunday,