ars el replenishment

Should mean "Nachschub" in German ... 


I withheld you this series from the ars electronica festival. It was the most beautiful shooting opportunity for me on this weekend. It took place on the second floor - underground. The acoustic was very nice and we were alone with the whole orchestra because they were just practicing and not in public. They all were very focused on their music. Some of them felt a little bit distracted, I think, because I went very close to them, but they had to focus and couldn´t say anything. I felt a little bit guilty .. (but just a little). Yeah, I liked the situation.

I felt very calm and safe. I could enjoy their beautiful music while taking pictures without someone gave me attention. These instruments are such beautiful things, especially from the classic sector. Also, people appear in a special light for me when they make music.


Lucky me in the underground, listening to this wonderful musicians, playing all alone for me.


When I took the pictures I saw them in a much more amazing light then the results I see now. Neither nor I wanted to show you some of them.

yours, m