about writing, a few pictures and the encouragement to write with me


.. I did some writing and reading in the last weeks. Since I ended school I went out with my camera just once (uiii..). What I do instead at the moment: I started an online-course seriously at udacity, I still write applications for sure and I volunteer at this human world festival (social media part). Afraid of – I don't know yet – have let me postpone this new blog-entry for a longer time (also called "Finger On The Trigger Syndrome" I found out recently).


My thoughts are wandering from positive to negative all the time. It´s a suffer because I can´t face reality and I feel stuck a lot. Doubting on everything takes me a lot of energy. But I decide to go on, trying to stay positive and finding the grit to walk on.


Maybe I don´t create a lot (anything), it seems that writing and reading takes a bigger part of my time then I would think – (but writing is creating too, I mean .. !?). I write „diaries“ since I was a little girl. For sure a lot of people do but I never was courageous enough to post anything in public. Doing that today maybe brought me further in some ways. The fact that the „www“ is a platform to get a chance to stand out for something, seems to be a very "democratic" way. On the other hand, we have the problem to find quality, truth and filtering the important things from it. But if we go out from a point that quality is also subjective and relative – particular in the creative fields - there is no reason to be afraid ...

Getting more and more active in social media seems for a lot of people very easily. I never understood but maybe there are further than me. Because for myself writing, liking and posting pictures was a very big step and I still question it a lot. I don´t know if it´s the right way but it forces me to think about myself, to find a point of stand, to make decisions, even they are not „perfect“. Maybe it is too easy. Maybe that's what I need in a way that's not stressing me out too much and I have the luck to do so  …

I also motivate myself to write and post it, because I found a lot of fascinating and inspiring writings, meanings and thoughts out there for myself. Maybe I can influence someone too through my words. I love words (will write more about that in my next post) even I love art more it seems that I can find expression (if any) better through words …

I don´t have to explain myself at this point (but I always do because I like to be understood ... even it´s just to save me from peoples misinterpretations or negative prejudices). I also write because of the big advantages writing is bringing joy ... we know today that talking and writing about your feelings is having a positive and relaxing effect on your brain. So it´s okay to do it. I can explain my brain's motivation to write.

With this entry, I also want to encourage you to write and start a  experiment. I wanna share my little page with you and your words. Until today nearly no one is reading this blog, that's why you can „freewriting yourself“ without any stress. You can choose the story, the length, the theme... I will post your words as a „guest post“ under your name or in an anonym way (as you like it). Just feel motivated to write and receive the chance to post it „in public".  

I always wished to work in a team. If I can´t find one, maybe some other searching people will find me through that way - wherever it will lead us.


Come as you are!


some further readings about writing: 

Joe Fassler - writers advice

Paul Jun - great artists write  (I found Paul Jun through "creative mornings" - take a look there too)

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